I have not tried the service, so unlike some of my other links here, I can not provide any assurance regarding the service.  That being said, I really like the idea of the Numbr service.  The idea is a simple one, you sign up for a temporary phone number.  If you do nothing the number […]

QotD: Senseless Saying

What’s a saying or phrase that’s never made sense to you? “It is what it is” – not only does it not make sense, I can’t stop myself from saying it.  It is a meaningless expression when you want to acknowledge that you have no way of influencing the way things are – so I […]

QotD: Danger Is My Middle Name

When was the last time you did something dangerous?  Submitted by Ross.  That depends on what you consider dangerous.  Many people consider white water rafting dangerous – but for the most it's just exhilerating.  No, to be really dangerous, you have to do something stupid. When I was in High School I (driving an old […]

Cool Voice Technology Services

I ran across a few cool services I want to share with everyone.  The first is Jott and it allows you to send email messages to yourself and others.  The process is very painless: Set up your account including your cell phone number and your e-mail address. Call the Jott toll free number. Indicate who […]


This photo may never displace the photo from the Tianamen Square uprising – but it should be considered in the same powerful way. Individuals make a difference. Stand up for what you believe in. Originally posted on

Openid Capabilities

My selection criteria for “Openid Service Providers”: Needs: Reliability:  As noted previously, an offline service provider is not one. Multiple Profile/Role:  I serve multiple roles online and having to maintain multiple separate identities is troublesome.  I would prefer to maintain one identity with multiple views. (Verisign) Delegate:  Being able to set up a web site […]

Lost Identity

I ran in to an interesting problem this morning.  I sat down to compose a message about Openid and a review of the different identify servers.  When I tried to sign on to look at some of the different identify servers I discovered that was ‘not available’. Because I am an addict to all […]