On Second Thought

I left the camera at home.  One less thing to worry about. I had a good time.  It was good seeing so many of the people I went to school with.  I don’t understand why they all look like they have aged and I know I have not – but it was still good seeing […]

Simple Moment

An albino jumped in our pool and relaxed (ok, it’s really Matt). We invested a whopping $20 in an inflatable pool to relax in over the summer. It’s been a good investment. The biggest issue has been rotating where it’s placed – no more than five days in a single location so the grass doesn’t […]

Queen’s Tea

Not certain why it’s called a Queen’s Tea – I didn’t see the queen (not named at this point in the process) and I’m pretty sure no one drank tea that day. Linda Dunfee (foreground next to the grinning idiot) has the best job in the festival – she serves as chaperone to the Queen […]

Bed Races

Posting this well after the fact while reviewing old drafts here. These are photos taken by me during my year. Back then, this was a thing – a big thing. The square would be filled with people cheering on their favorite teams. Insurance companies and liability lawyers take all the good things…