African or European?

I love Monty Python.  The Life of Brian, easily the most heretical movie I’ve seen, has been called the best comedy movie.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail is also very funny (but doesn’t push the envelope in the same way).  This is one of my favorite scenes from that movie.

But now that you’ve watched it, what is airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?  I’m glad you asked.  We’re so fortunate to live in these times where the answer to every question can be found online.  God love the physicists of the world.  Here’s the answer to the question “What’s the airspeed velocity of  an unladen swallow?

OSU’s band perform their half …

The last time I was in the Horseshoe, I missed half time and OSU was already up so far over their non-conference opponent that the game was really not that fun.  I would have loved to have been in the stands for this.  OSU’s band perform their half time show. Very impressive.

Heyward Bey

Sitting here watching the replacement refs and questioning all of these calls.  It’s really hard to take the league when they stress the importance of helmet to helmet plays and then allow clearly untrained officials on the field.  And no, the officials didn’t commit the foul – but the players know what they’re doing.  The players know the officials are in over their head and are going to do what players do – they’ll take whatever advantage they can get.  #HeywardBey

Will, Michelle and Becky at th…

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Will, Michelle and Becky at the airport

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We saw Will on to his flight to Japan. It was tough seeing him leave for this extended trip but it’s a great opportunity.

Facebook Games

So I don’t have to repeat myself elsewhere…

I like you.  I enjoy sharing interesting stories and pictures with you.  I’ll like your posts and sometimes comment on them.  I’ll even chat with you.

What I won’t do is accept your invitation to play any of the gazillion Facebook games.  It’s not your fault.  While I’m not a terribly competitive person, when I play a game I take it seriously.  I try to win.  I frankly spend too much time at it.  Way too much time.

So don’t take it personally if I never accept your invitation to play the latest game.

50 Year Warranty

Ever buy a consumer electronic device with a one year warranty and have the thing fall apart at 366 days?  I’m pretty sure my body came with a 50-year warranty.  Last year, in March I turned 50.  four months later my left foot swelled up and stayed that way for a month while we figured out how to address it.

Sucks getting old.

I think I’ve reached my Olympic limit

Every four years my sense of anticipation regarding the Olympics builds prior to the event. The networks do a great job promoting the competitors. But after ten days of swimming, gymnastics and lesser known competitive events my attention is waning.


My Uncle Pando self-published a book many years ago entitled “Nighttime Comes to a Village“.  In it he describes what life was like living in a small village in northern Greece after World War II.  It’s non-fiction and best read in pieces (rather than front to back).  With his permission, I’ve spent some time transferring the PDF format of the book into a website my Father has set up at  The village my family fled from early in the previous century called Chereshnitsa (“A village with many cherry trees” and is called Polykerasos today) is the source for the name.  There are lots of cool things there (music, recipes, maps and of course the book itself).

It’s definitely a work in progress.  The book itself is only about half done – but I think there are several chapters that are pretty good.  Check it out and let me know what you think.