Michelle’s Vogue Look

The sun is in her eyes, so she’s squinting, but I like this picture. Michelle never, ever wants her picture taken, so this is always a challenge. But the color of her shirt and skin complement each other well. I also like the soft background contrasting with the detail in her face. This is the sort of picture that’s hard to take with a digital camera. The photo was captured on film rather than a chip, and I think it makes a difference. It’s not as prevalent now, but you can see the highlights in her hair from her being out in the sun. I would guess that she cleaned up for this picture since usually, her hair isn’t this well restrained.

Head Ball Against the Dublin Goalie

This is another picture from the Dublin game. Matt is trying to flick a long service towards the goal. The ball didn’t make it in the goal, but it was a good effort nevertheless. Alex Lowe (no. 8) is looking to receive the ball from Matt. You’ll notice everyone on the other team looks rather imposing. The goalie dwarfed most of the fans. Dublin’s JV team is large, and it shows in this picture, although neither Alex nor Matt are going to be invited to play football soon.

This is the extended entry associated with this post. Not much here – only enough to support the experiment.

Matt Showing for the Ball

We really enjoyed attending Matt’s games this fall. He played JV for Troy High School and although he probably didn’t get all of the playing time he would have liked we were very proud of him. Brad Noll, a sophomore and big brother to Michelle’s friend Amy is also pictured here. This was the final game the THS JV Soccer team played in 2003. It was against the Dublin team out of Columbus. The Troy team lost, but they played an excellent game – easily the best-played game of the season. They moved the ball very nicely around the field and had lots of opportunities to score. The Dublin team was skilled, but they just didn’t try as hard as the Troy team did. We enjoyed the game as well as the season.

Friends Made Along the Way

One of the great things that happened this summer was that Troy and Sidney girls under 13 teams had a chance to play together. It’s nice to see friendships form on the field. It’s really what it is supposed to be all about. One of the girls Michelle struck up a good relationship with is Molly (pictured here). Molly is one of two girls from the Sidney team we had guest play for us at the Strawberry Festival. She’s a great goalie but more importantly a good kid. Michelle and Molly got along really well. Although Michelle is very resistant to the idea, we have registered her to participate in the ODP program this coming season. Molly is the under 14 state goalie so hopefully, Michelle will at least get to spend time with Molly for a few sessions.

Nana’s Visit

Mother visited us this past weekend. She arrived Friday night with the intent of meeting us at the Troy – Piqua Football game. The weather really put a halt to that plan. It rained very hard. It worked well though for us to meet at our house and spend time visiting Friday evening. It was certainly better conversation then we would have had at the game – and much more comfortable.

Saturday Mother, Becky, Michelle and I watched the Troy High School Reserve team play Tecumseh. Matt didn’t get as much playing time as I would have liked with Mother in town but he played well when he was in the game. Troy won so that started the day well.

After Matt’s game, we went to Night Sky for a light lunch. The food is really good there and the location was convenient. We jumped over after Matt’s game and then went directly over to Duke Park for Michelle’s game.

Michelle’s game was great. The girls played with intensity and concentration for 70 minutes and that made the difference at the end of the game. Lauren scored midway through the second half on a left-footed drive and Mandy scored with under two minutes left to put us up 2-1. It was against the Warrior ’91 team so that’s a noteworthy accomplishment. After Michelle’s game, we went to High Marks for dinner. The food was great and the company was better. We finished the day at home visiting. Mother spent the night at her hotel and then drove back to meet Tom and Carol for his birthday in Lexington.

Nana Visits

I exchanged several e-mails with Mother today. She is going to come up this coming weekend to visit for a little while. She’s arriving on Friday evening and taking off on Sunday. Since she is arriving during the Troy – Piqua Football game, I have invited her to attend with us. She’s agreed, and I’m sure she’ll have a good time.

She’s bringing a laptop she no longer uses up with the intent of our using it. I think I’m going to try to move off of the desktop and on to the laptop, so we have fewer conflicts with the use of the desktop. Matt uses the machine a great deal, and we always seem to have some conflict over its use. We’ll have to see how this all falls out. I don’t believe Matt would be content with the laptop for his games – usually, they don’t have the horsepower to play on.

Mother’s interested in purchasing a digital camera and was looking for some advice. I’m looking forward to spending her money…

Dedo Watches

I had an enjoyable visit with Dedo Tuesday night. The Troy Soccer teams were playing Xenia, and Dedo was good enough to come up and watch Matt play. It was a good game to watch from the perspective that Troy won. The final score was 4-1 I believe. Unfortunately, Matt’s playing time was not real good, so we didn’t get a lot of opportunities to watch him play.

Dedo also watched the Varsity game with us. That wasn’t as much fun. The team was playing poorly for the most part. The coach chose to put some players in positions he does not normally place them in, and as a result, we didn’t always have a cohesive level of play. I think Dad and I enjoyed the parents more than the game. It’s always fun to watch the parents in action as they complain about the calls on the field. The officiating actually was ok.

Carnivale II

I watched the second episode of Carnivale Sunday evening. Before the airing of the first episode, there was some buzz about which major character would be good and which would be evil. I don’t think there is much mystery at this point. Carney boy is the good guy as far as I can tell. The Priest has been an angrier, less sympathetic character so far. Although he appears to be pursuing a positive end, the means to the end are troubling. He secures a building for a new mission by exposing the owner as a pedophile (albeit only to the owner). Nevertheless, the owner donates the building and subsequently kills himself. It’s hard to feel good about the situation at any level. Meanwhile, we discover that the Carney Boy’s mother was romantically involved with a former member of the Carnivale who may or may not be alive. Fairly innocent stuff.

Of course, I could be all wet since in the teaser for the next episode the Carnivale operators are setting him up as a Messiah and putting him in front of crowds to cure people.

Uploads and Thumbnails

I continue to get errors attempting to upload image files. I will need to experiment to determine if it is all files or only images. Hopefully, it is the latter. The installation instructions indicate that the thumbnail module Image::Magick is not required to upload, but maybe I’m missing something somewhere else.

Update (11/5/2003): I’ve given up on this issue. I submitted a question to the MT support forum, bumped it up to the top of the list three times over the seven days without a response. I’m getting what I pay for out of that facility. Unfortunately, the common answers are what’s available. The uncommon or more time-consuming issues are not going to get addressed through that resource. If I could find a way to get an error message produced that would be helpful. The “MT.CGI script produced no output” message is not going to get me help.