The Grandfather of All Coaching Resources

The Soccer Coach List is the Grandfather of all online coaching resources. It’s really hard to overstate the value this list can add to any coach’s toolbox. The community is extremely large and varied. College coaches, high school coaches, club coaches, everyone it seems plays in this community and I wanted to give the publisher of this venerable resource their due by making my first post referencing a web resource about this treasure.

The only challenge about the web site is that it is a list server. Finding the needle in the haystack can be daunting. The haystack is exceptionally large by the way. If you can find a topic that isn’t covered let me know. I’ll bet you’re wrong.

If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

We’ve all said it before but on this one occasion I decided to act on the thought.

It was our monthly club meeting and the coaches were gathered to conduct the ugly administrative tasks necessary to operate a youth soccer club. The conversation had turned to how to retain players in the club.

“The grass is always going to be greener somewhere else” one of our more senior coaches commented. “Parents who have aspirations of greatness for their children will always be looking elsewhere. 9 times out of 10 the parent hasn’t accepted the fact that while their child is a decent player, they aren’t going to get a scholarship to a division one college”.

This same coach had a handful of players depart the year before for a larger club farther south. One disgruntled father had withdrawn his daughter from the team and then for (probably) a variety of reasons had lured other players off of the team for greener pastures.

The club’s meetings are much better run then they used to be, but this group doesn’t get together that often and there is something therapeutic about commiserating with your peers. Finally, the same senior coach admitted that

“If he’d only known then what he knows now, that the original disgruntled parent concerns would have been addressed directly and (perhaps) retained as a player parent on the team.”

“What we need is a Coaching for Dummies for incoming coaches” he added. There are many resources available for soccer coaches. Technical training, tactical training, conditioning, even team management are all topics you can find in abundance at the local book store and even on the web. Leading and managing players and parents is the hole. We as club coaches don’t pass along advice on the hardest aspect of coaching in a club environment. Parent and player expectations always need to be managed. The minute you step away from that responsibility you have failed. They will leave you or you will be forced to leave them.

I’m hoping others will join me here and pass along there experiences as a resource to incoming club coaches – a Club Coaching for Dummies.

Online Workshop

I have had more then one person send me an e-mail message confused by the fact that visiting the has always resulted in an ‘under construction’ page being displayed. Well no more. Although we won’t win any prizes for this page it at least gives you a clue.

The links to the right provide some direction regarding the interesting places on the web site. It is a hodge-podge. There is really no intention to present everything in a coherent manner — yet. I am working on that.

As the title suggests I have a collection of projects. All of them are technical in nature and a few of them are interesting to my family. Although it is not yet in place there will be a projects page where you can get a brief synopsis of each project and my intentions in putting it in place. This is definitely a hobby site so I can definitively say that a level of professionalism will be missing – sorry.

Call Tails

Still on the obscure but interesting stuff…

This study regarding coin flips suggests two things:
1. You are more likely when flipping a coin to get the coin to land with the same face up as it starts with; and,
2. The weight of the material on the face will cause a coin to land face down more often then the opposite.

Just trying to give you an advantage in the next game…

Conspiracy Theories

I love conspiracy theories. I’m sure it’s irresponsible to repeat them but I just can’t help myself. The site Alex Jones’ Prison Planet looks like a great resource.

For instance, evidently the government is putting tracking devices in our 20 dollar bills. These guys must not have spent much time reheating food in their microwave. The center is always the hottest – but you have got to love the effort.

Special Information Tone (SIT)

Ok, so this falls in to the category of obscure – but useful. An acquintance of mine was telling me the other day how he reduces the number of phone solicitations they receive.
There is a tone the phone company plays over the receiver when you dial an invalid number. He has recorded that tone and put it on his answering machine. It plays, there is a pause and then he greets the caller like you would normally.
The automated dialers these marketing firms use listen to the response. If they hear the phone company’s ‘invalid phone number’ tone, they don’t call back and they don’t put your number on a list for resale. So that’s a good thing, right?
He passed along the web site where the Special Information Tone (SIT) for an invalid phone number tag can be downloaded. I’m going to try it on our phone.

Lisa and Mark’s Wedding Photo Album

Well, the wedding pictures have been posted. I apologize for the delay but I have two excuses. First of all, you all are close to being as bad at photography as I – and the cleanup process was a project. Secondly, while I like Photoshop, I’m still pretty low on the learning curve. This was a learning experience. But enough about me. Follow the link and check out the gallery. If you have other pictures you would like to see added send them to me – I will be happy to include them. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Greg and Dan – at least not directly. If you look closely you can see Greg in the background in one of the pictures of Mark and Lisa. I am also disappointed to not have pictures of James, Stephanie, Dad, Carol and Mike. I’ll work on that and publish an update if possible. I also have a few more pictures which are too challenging for my ‘fixing’ abilities yet. I’ll leave those for another day.

Mark’s Wedding

Mark and Lisa were married over the weekend in Grand Rapids, MI at the Amway Grand Plaza in the Imperial Ballroom. The service was very nicely done and the setting could not have been better. The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome. The view from the room overlooking the Grand River 20 stories below was excellent. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it. It was good seeing Dan and Greg again. I will be disappointed if there isn’t a picture of the two of them amongst the many pictures taken.

Mother has started sending me pictures I think rather then posting thumbnails here I’ll put them in their own photo album. I’ll try to get that put together in the next few days.

URL Spoofing Patch

Mark replied to an earlier posting. In it I had intended to let everyone know I’d posted pictures of Mothers new house. I posted it Saturday morning. It was bitterly cold that morning and I think I spent too much time in front of the PC as a result. It was needlessly nerdy – I’ll try to refrain from indulging my inner geek here. Mark’s e-mail pointed out in a gentle way that I needed to speak english in the future. Just having an out of body experience that morning….

That being said the original URL Spoof posting is moot. Microsoft has issued a security patch which corrects the security hole.