2012 Troy Strawberry Festival Kickoff

Traditionally, each year’s festival events start with a Kick Off hosted in early February. Through the years the format of the kickoff has traveled through a variety of formats. One year a jazz band entertained the guests at the Troy Country Club . More recently, the Lutheran church on State Route 41 has hosted the […]

Gas Pump Jockeys

We are fortunate to have secured the Gas Pump Jockeys (see also their Facebook Page).  Join Ric Boals, Pat McLoughlin, Scott Langley, Kerry Patesel, Larry Reese and Rob Hard as they perform hits from the 60’s and 70’s. They will be performing Saturday Night at Hobart Arena.  The performance will start at 8:00.  I look forward […]

Queen’s Tea

Not as formal an event as some, the Queen’s Tea is the first of the Queen’s Pageant activities. While I’m sure it’s stressful for the participants, it is a more intimate setting than many for the Chairman. I’m really looking forward to speaking to the ladies and their parents. At least at this point, this […]

Kick Off Speech

Welcome to the 2010 Troy Strawberry Festival! I am excited to be the Chairman for this year’s festival.  I’m also humbled. I have worked in a variety of volunteer roles through the years, but nothing compares to this. Our community is incredibly fortunate to have this kind of event. All of us benefit – some […]

Official Chairman’s Photo

I’m not officially allowed to wear the red coat until after the Kick Off for this year’s event – but I did manage to grab it for the official photo shoot.  Glen Eppleston did a great job with the committee chair photos this year.  Unfortunately, you can’t do much with some subjects. I wish I […]

Brochure Letter

Each year the General Chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival is asked to help put together the brochure for the event. I am much more hands off than my predecessor, but I have written the Chairman’s greeting for the brochure. I think it’s pretty good – short and sweet.

2012 Chairman Announcement

Every year at this time we select the chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival two years out. This year’s selection process unfolded like previous years: The two previous, current and upcoming festival chairs convene with the festival manager and review many candidates. This year’s selection process was very challenging. We are blessed with many capable […]

Sponsor Letter

The Troy Strawberry Festival serves as a fund raiser for local civic organizations, but it can not succeed without the gracious sponsorship of local businesses. In these difficult economic times, securing sponsors is challenging. Sabra Johnson, the Festival Manager does a great job working with local companies. As is the case each year, the General […]