Tweets Still Must Flow?

It’s really very hard to understand why Twitter thinks it’s necessary to enable technology which provides selective censorship.  Now, when a local country objects to a tweet, the company has the ability to selectively remove a specific post.  I suppose if it provides a tool for something they were doing manually – and thus saves […]


Anyone who has spent enough time in public positions sooner or later encounters people hostile to your cause. I’ve served in countless volunteer positions through the years and am constantly surprised when I encounter people who have assumed that some self serving or malicious intent sits behind the organization I direct. The fact of the […]

Eminent Domain

On my drive home this evening I listened to the Sean Hannity radio program. He was interviewing a set of residents of Niagra, New York. They are contesting the state as it evicts them from their home. The state is invoking eminent domain. It is supporting the local Indian tribe as it seeks to build […]

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

The 9th Circuit Court overturns a lower court ruling, via Computerworld. Susan Crawford, a law professor who teaches a course on cyberlaw at Cardozo School of Law in New York, labeled the decision a “missed opportunity” to decide whether “it is appropriate for one country to assert extraterritorial jurisdiction over [Web] servers located in another […]