Keowee Street Monument

One of the first days back from the holiday break, I ended up coming down Keowee Street to get to work.  I’m never driving slow enough to read the plaque on the north face of the obelisk   It was definitely too cold and wet on this day to have attempted walking up to the monument.

IMified LiveJournal

Just stumbled across the IMified tool. I’m certain it’s old hat to everyone else but I’m loving it. It doesn’t help me at work since IM is firewalled – but it will be nice to do quick posts across all of the social networks here at home. I can post to LiveJournal, WordPress, MovableType, Typepad, […]

Rawalpindi Tragedy

Just had one of those moments when two apparently disconnected memes collide and touch at an emotional level.  First of all, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is described in poignant detail by John Moore on the New York Times website.  At the same time that I was listening to his recounting of the assassination, I was also listening to […]