Tweets Still Must Flow?

It’s really very hard to understand why Twitter thinks it’s necessary to enable technology which provides selective censorship.  Now, when a local country objects to a tweet, the company has the ability to selectively remove a specific post.  I suppose if it provides a tool for something they were doing manually – and thus saves […]

Piecemeal SOPA

The SOPA bill was recently “withdrawn” from consideration by congress.  The legislators responsible for the bill have made a tactical retreat. They’ll be back and if they’re smart they’ll piecemeal the approval. #2014Prediction

Three Minute Macrobiotic Breakfast

Tim Ferriss does his best anti-cooking channel impression cooking his current favorite breakfast. I would normally just put this on my link list, but this is so god awful sounding that I have to try it. I hate cleaning up after cooking so that part of the rationale behind this works for me. My […]

IMified LiveJournal

Just stumbled across the IMified tool. I’m certain it’s old hat to everyone else but I’m loving it. It doesn’t help me at work since IM is firewalled – but it will be nice to do quick posts across all of the social networks here at home. I can post to LiveJournal, WordPress, MovableType, Typepad, […]

Rawalpindi Tragedy

Just had one of those moments when two apparently disconnected memes collide and touch at an emotional level.  First of all, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is described in poignant detail by John Moore on the New York Times website.  At the same time that I was listening to his recounting of the assassination, I was also listening to […]