…and we’re back

Back in November, I announced I was transitioning hosts for this website.  I’ve managed to get everything fully transitioned back to a self-hosted site.  Amazon Web Services are awesome.  More control, more power, more capacity and less cost.  Hard to beat.  I’ll not speak poorly of where I’ve been, but it was not everything I […]

Transition to New Host

I’m not happy with my current hosting service so I’ve transitioned everything to WordPress.com for now (or djpappas.wordpress.com).  Please forgive the broken links while I transition.  I’m assuming the permalinks will all be catawampus until I get the new host in place.  I probably won’t get this all worked out until after mid December.

Queen’s Tea

Not certain why it’s called a Queen’s Tea – I didn’t see the queen (not named at this point in the process) and I’m pretty sure no one drank tea that day. Linda Dunfee (foreground next to the grinning idiot) has the best job in the festival – she serves as chaperone to the Queen […]

Three Minute Macrobiotic Breakfast

Tim Ferriss does his best anti-cooking channel impression cooking his current favorite breakfast. I would normally just put this on my Del.icio.us link list, but this is so god awful sounding that I have to try it. I hate cleaning up after cooking so that part of the rationale behind this works for me. My […]

Bed Races

Posting this well after the fact while reviewing old drafts here. These are photos taken by me during my year. Back then, this was a thing – a big thing. The square would be filled with people cheering on their favorite teams. Insurance companies and liability lawyers take all the good things…