Perfect Coffee

I’m still pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.  It looks like I’m going to have to invest some money in a few things.  I somehow managed to miss The Specialty Coffee Association of America publication on this subject back in 2009.  It could not be more specific.  As a service to you, I’ll condense the […]

…and we’re back

Back in November, I announced I was transitioning hosts for this website.  I’ve managed to get everything fully transitioned back to a self-hosted site.  Amazon Web Services are awesome.  More control, more power, more capacity and less cost.  Hard to beat.  I’ll not speak poorly of where I’ve been, but it was not everything I […]

Transition to New Host

I’m not happy with my current hosting service so I’ve transitioned everything to for now (or  Please forgive the broken links while I transition.  I’m assuming the permalinks will all be catawampus until I get the new host in place.  I probably won’t get this all worked out until after mid December.

Released by the Surgeon

Eleven months ago, Matt was in an unfortunate accident and suffered a compound fracture of his right leg (beneath the knee).  Thursday this week (November 1st) he was released from the care of his surgeon. For all the details please read my original post on the topic.

my old android phone is lookin…

my old android phone is looking a little older after this AM's keynote. Sadly, I'm another year before I can update my phone — David Pappas (@djpappas) June 27, 2012 I watched parts of the Google I/O event today. Google’s got lots going on. When I purchased my Motorola Atrix 2 it was already an […]

Data Breaches Abound

I'm pretty sure we have all been impacted by at least one of these data breaches (see link). One interesting insight … — David Pappas (@djpappas) June 20, 2012 It amazes me that I can be engaged in business conversations where people who have these kinds of insights in front of them can still argue […]