GTD One Tool to Rule them All

I have settled on combination of tools that allow me to leverage the GTD mindset across multiple tools and settings. It’s not the end all answer and it is not free – but I’m really pleased with how well the approach is integrated in to my life at this point. Here is my toolset: 1. […]

Seth’s Inverse Ratio of Interest and Attention

I have always enjoyed Seth Godin’s blog but until today I couldn’t objectively tell you why. I use Google’s Reader to consume RSS feeds from different sites. I’m not very disciplined about keeping the list empty – so now and then I take a deep dive and try to catch up*. My practice is to […]

Fine Tuning Gone

As a result of the merger of XM and Sirius, the lineup of channels has been changed. I for one am confused by the changes – but that’s not my current source of pain. My current source of pain is the absence of my favorite channel – Fine Tuning. I really enjoyed Fine Tuning. The […]