Piecemeal SOPA

The SOPA bill was recently “withdrawn” from consideration by congress.  The legislators responsible for the bill have made a tactical retreat. They’ll be back and if they’re smart they’ll piecemeal the approval. #2014Prediction

Court Ducks, Google Triumphs

The Google Blog has the latest news regarding their legal dispute with the government. Google has successfully limited the scope of this specific request. The federal government is monolithic and moves at a ponderous pace. The legal decision appears to have hinged on the governments failure to describe the value of the information and why […]

Google – Idiot Savant

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between just plain lucky and good. As the story unfolds, Google is now in the position of being the people’s search engine. The ugly corporate giants Time Warner (via AOL), Microsoft and Yahoo have all kowtowed to the government and ‘cooperated’. Google, young and brash, is the people’s […]