African or European?

I love Monty Python.  The Life of Brian, easily the most heretical movie I’ve seen, has been called the best comedy movie.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail is also very funny (but doesn’t push the envelope in the same way).  This is one of my favorite scenes from that movie. But now that you’ve watched it, […]

Facebook Games

So I don’t have to repeat myself elsewhere… I like you.  I enjoy sharing interesting stories and pictures with you.  I’ll like your posts and sometimes comment on them.  I’ll even chat with you. What I won’t do is accept your invitation to play any of the gazillion Facebook games.  It’s not your fault.  While […]

E-Mail Firewalls

Sometime after 4:00 AM EST on August 25th, my Yahoo email account was compromised. Because of how that account was configured, the villain(s) were able to spam all of my friends and family – and basically anyone for whom I had an e-mail account.  This despite an intention on my part to ‘firewall’ the account. […]

The TSF Site Needs Help

In 2010 I will be the chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival. How I learned about that honor is a story for a different day. What I find interesting at this point is that there is so little ‘web presence’ for the event. Google Strawberry Festival. This is the SERP as of today: What’s nice […]


I suspect that no one else will ever post in this blog, but I’m going to give it my best effort. I wanted to share with you all my enthusiasm for a new program running currently on HBO. It’s a series (I can’t recall whether they view it as a mini-series or not) about the battle […]