Matt’s Leg

2012/01/02 Update:  A follow-up visit with Dr. Fowler at Cardinal Group’s Hilliard Office on Thursday 12/22 went well.  The flexibility in his knee was considered good.  The swelling in his ankle suggests that he’s not been diligent enough with the physical therapy exercises for that joint.  X-Rays of his leg were taken and (along with […]

Camry Again

I posted earlier that we had to accept the salvage value for the Camry after someone pulled in front of Becky as she drove east on Main Street towards downtown.  I had forgotten about our first incident with the car.  Barely a month after purchasing (lease) of the vehicle I was hit from behind by a […]

Matt Graduates from OSU

Becky and I are really proud of the fact that Matt successfully graduated from the Ohio State University. Even better, he graduated early, participating in the Winter Ceremony. So much has happened this spring that I’ve been unable to post the news until now – two short weeks before the Spring Graduation ceremony. People tend […]

2010 TSF Themes

After considerable delay, angst and gnashing of teeth – I am extremely pleased to present the theme and logo for the 2010 Troy Strawberry Festival.  I’ve made no secret of my struggles to come up with a broadly appealing theme.  I have been working closely with Angie Evers of Forever Design and she has come […]

2010 TSF General Chairman

I am both honored and privileged to serve as the 2010 General Chairman for the Troy Strawberry Festival. It’s a huge job, but definitely a rewarding one. I’ve watched my lovely wife fill the role for a year now and hope that I can match her effort. I look forward to working with a great […]