Perfect Coffee

I’m still pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.  It looks like I’m going to have to invest some money in a few things.  I somehow managed to miss The Specialty Coffee Association of America publication on this subject back in 2009.  It could not be more specific.  As a service to you, I’ll condense the […]

Dysfunctional Mailbox

I have had so many people make the following claim to me that I now wonder whether I’m the victim of a mass lie. It is funny though that he would manufacture a lie to cover his own disfunction. Even better is that he now is being quoted on the web as having lied to […]

Outsourcing Original Content

I’m not certain how long it will stay available to the unsubscribed, but there’s a hugely humorous post by Lee Gomes on the Wall Street Journal on web content. Update: I neglected to explain the major theme of the post in my original discussion here – web masters are paying pennies to individuals on shore […]