I went to Matt’s Reserve Soccer game against Sidney’s reserve team last night. It was in Sidney, and I had a haircut appointment at 5:00 which further delayed me. As a result, I missed the first half arriving just as the second half started. The score does not reflect the level of domination which Troy had. […]


I suspect that no one else will ever post in this blog, but I’m going to give it my best effort. I wanted to share with you all my enthusiasm for a new program running currently on HBO. It’s a series (I can’t recall whether they view it as a mini-series or not) about the battle […]


If this works as expected I will have a way to keep everyone up to date on how the Pappas family of Troy is doing. I’m going to budget the time to keep this updated on a weekly basis. Now I understand that this is at best impersonal. This blog doesn’t replace my occasional (at […]