Something for Mother

Most everything I post in this blog is intended to get my feet wet with a technology. I have more pet projects  then is probably reasonable. I don’t very often have the chance to go dig around and get information which is actually valuable. Mother and I have been exchanging some E-mail messages around information […]


All of us enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. Our celebration spanned several days. We got the chance to visit with many of our relatives. We ate very well – too well it seems. We had enough time to rest and relax before going back to work on Monday. Thanksgiving itself was very nice. We drove down […]

The End of An Era

Well, today was a very tough one. In fact, I can’t remember a rougher day. It has been brewing for some time now and, as Becky has said, it was like a necessary visit to the Doctor’s office: you dread it, but you feel better for having gone. I quit coaching today. Countless dollars, hours, […]

Achilles Tendon

Well I’m afraid I might have a serious injury on my hands. I played soccer down in Cincinnatti over the weekend and I’m feeling the effects at this point. On two different occasions I was brought down pretty hard. I thought at the time that the more serious problem was my lower thigh. It hurt […]

A Classic

I ran across the following and was really amused by it. I’m pretty sure it’s been around for many years and I’ve heard it before but the best thing about having my short term memory is every joke is new after 30 days. Check out the Physics of Hell.

Weekend with Dedo

Matt spent the weekend with Dedo. We arranged for Dedo to pick up Matt at Michelle’s soccer game on Saturday afternoon (see here for details). Carole was out of town in Tennesee. Dad was good enough to call and ask if Matt would like to spend the weekend. Dad and Carole had tickets to see […]

Park Your Car In Harvard Yard

I’m confident this will be one of my longer entries. I’m taking the time to relax and browse around the web and found some really fun stuff posted on a weblog. The genealogy on this piece of information isn’t going to be complete – it’s not that important how I got there. is an entertaining […]

Let the Record Show

Let the record show that for Becky’s birthday; I did have the foresight to purchase flowers for her. Yes, I did receive daily reminders. Yes, this is the easiest form of gift-giving known to man (or at least this one.) They did look good, though. I purchased a spray of flowers with brighter colors rather […]