Thanks for visiting.  You’ve stumbled on my personal website, my hub for social networking posts.  If it takes more than 140  280 characters, I’ll post it here. While I enjoy Twitter and Facebook,  they do make it hard to own your stuff.

If you are a friend on Facebook you get to know about my family connections – but otherwise, I’m taking the advice of privacy experts and not sharing details about my personal life too broadly.  If you are a friend and want to know more – go there.

I’m employed at Taylor Communications, but the views expressed here are my own.  I’m not allowed to speak for the company, and I do not.

Presence on the Web

I keep my professional presence at djpappas.com with a strong reliance on LinkedIn.com but I’ll admit it’s been ages since I posted anything in either place.  I engage with friends and acquaintances on social networks here on djpappas.org. 

I try to keep various ‘identity’ sites up to date on Twitter, about.me, Flavors.me and Google Profile but honestly it’s pretty hard to keep up with all of these locations.

Contact Information

  1. Friends can contact me on Facebook
  2. Professional contacts can contact me on LinkedIn
  3. For confidential conversations, please contact me on Signal preferably (or Telegram ). We can exchange phone numbers through the other medium.
  4. Casual acquaintances active on Twitter can contact me there, but be advised that I do not use that site in a constructive way (I vent for the most part).

Identity Information

I rely on Keybase.io privacy and identity service in those scenarios where privacy and non-repudiation are important.  I keep my public key there as well.

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