My Uncle Pando self-published a book many years ago entitled “Nighttime Comes to a Village“.  In it he describes what life was like living in a small village in northern Greece after World War II.  It’s non-fiction and best read in pieces (rather than front to back).  With his permission, I’ve spent some time transferring the PDF format of the book into a website my Father has set up at  The village my family fled from early in the previous century called Chereshnitsa (“A village with many cherry trees” and is called Polykerasos today) is the source for the name.  There are lots of cool things there (music, recipes, maps and of course the book itself).

It’s definitely a work in progress.  The book itself is only about half done – but I think there are several chapters that are pretty good.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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