Adalene’s Priorities

This past weekend I drove down to Danville to spend time with Mother, Tom, Carol, Jeff, and Marcy.  I had a great time.  Most importantly, I caught up with Mother and the photo collection she’s going through.  My Grandmother passed away last year and as part of that transition, passed along her possessions to her children.  My Mother’s portion of the memorabilia includes photos, postcards, and letters between my Grandmother and grandfather while they were courting.


It’s a treasure trove of memories.  My Grandmother managed to hang on to large volumes of photos while moving to progressively smaller spaces in Toledo Ohio, Portland Oregon and Danville Kentucky.  In Portland and Danville she lived in very small spaces. She chose to retain this volume of memories because it was a priority. The material filled three moderate sized bins which Mother has now pared down to one large and one small bin.

My Mother and I were commiserating about how hard it is these days to keep ‘stuff’.  My Grandmother was always reminded of the photos – they were taking up space in her room.  Everything I have is digital – so it’s easy to store lots of stuff.  Unfortunately, it’s also easy to lose it all (when a hard drive fails for instance).

We’re going to try to have it both ways.  I’m going to start scanning the pictures and storing them.  To avoid the hard drive failure kind of issue – I’ll be storing them in at least two places (so you may see a few of the pictures here).  The other issue we face is understanding details about each picture.  Many of these pictures arrive from the 1800’s and we don’t really know who’s in them or where and when they were taken.  The first portion of the photos is stored in a single set on Flickr.  This set of pictures is but one packet of dozens (to give you an idea of the scale of the collection).  Be forewarned, I chose to start with her collection of pictures of my early years (mostly before I turned 6).

I’m going to switch to my father’s side of the family for my next reminisce, but I promise I’ll switch back to Adalene’s memories at a later date.

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