Volkswagon disables off hours e-mails

I live my life in e-mail. One of the best ways for me to write my own performance review is to go back through my e-mail for the year – and since I keep every e-mail I’m basically journaling via Outlook. That’s sad. What’s even sadder is that I’m not alone. In fact it’s so bad companies are finding ways to rein in the practice.

Matt’s Leg

2012/01/02 Update:  A follow-up visit with Dr. Fowler at Cardinal Group’s Hilliard Office on Thursday 12/22 went well.  The flexibility in his knee was considered good.  The swelling in his ankle suggests that he’s not been diligent enough with the physical therapy exercises for that joint.  X-Rays of his leg were taken and (along with the x-rays of his leg taken on 12/9) I’ve posted them in the Flickr photo set for the event.

In response to several requests, I’ve put this summary together describing the circumstances around Matt’s broken leg.  A few people didn’t care for the pictures on the original Facebook post so I’ve not included any direct photos here – but be advised that all the links to Flickr come with an advisory.

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