Camry Again

Rear Quarter Panel
The result of a teenager while driving his family’s pickup truck not noticing that the stop light at the intersection had turned red.

I posted earlier that we had to accept the salvage value for the Camry after someone pulled in front of Becky as she drove east on Main Street towards downtown.  I had forgotten about our first incident with the car.  Barely a month after purchasing (lease) of the vehicle I was hit from behind by a teen driver at  Patterson and Stewart in Dayton.  I had taken some employees out for a Christmas luncheon.  While waiting for the light to change to green, the driver of a small pickup hit us from behind.  He did not realize until too late that the stoplight was not in fact green.  The medics took one passenger to the hospital as a precaution, but generally, we all did ok.  The police officer that took my statement speculated that the car was likely totaled.  He was wrong.  Cheney’s body shop did a great job restoring the trunk, back and rear quarter panel of the vehicle.   I believe it was significant surgery, but fortunately, the small pickup jumped over the frame and simply buckled the side panels.

Becky found our insurance photo recently and I thought it àpropos to bookend this event with my earlier (but later in time) post.

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