Trust What You Can See


Becky struck another vehicle on her way to work yesterday morning.  The driver of the other car was trying to navigate across two lanes of traffic to get into the Tim Horton’s on West Main Street.  They were waved into the space by some good Samaritan who was making space for them in the eastbound inner lane. Well, the eastbound outer lane was a hazard for that person.

You see this all the time on the roads. One well-intentioned person creates absolute havoc for others. While the police cited the driver of the vehicle crossing the eastbound lanes, the cause here is the driver in the inner eastbound lane. They effectively spoke out of turn. They didn’t look or didn’t see Becky approaching from the west. Yes, the westbound driver should have not even tried to enter the Tim Horton’s parking lot here. Yes, they should not have trusted the eastbound driver. I just wish we could hold the eastbound driver accountable for their actions.

Please take a lesson from this. Don’t be the driver that says “it’s all clear – go ahead” when it is not.  Don’t be the driver requesting permission from another driver to cross two lanes of traffic.

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