Queen’s Tea

Not as formal an event as some, the Queen’s Tea is the first of the Queen’s Pageant activities. While I’m sure it’s stressful for the participants, it is a more intimate setting than many for the Chairman. I’m really looking forward to speaking to the ladies and their parents.

At least at this point, this is what I plan on saying.

Thank you Tammy.

First of all, I want to extend a big thanks to the organizing committee. You all work exceptionally hard to host this competition and I think it’s important to recognize that.

I have had the pleasure of watching this competition unfold for several years and it amazes me how well it all works. The queen and her court are some of the best ambassadors of the festival. How you all carry yourself in this competition reflects how well you will represent the festival. Being positive and communicating well about the festival are qualities I’ve seen each of the queen’s exhibit over the past several years.

The competition I’m sure can be stressful – but try to have a good time.  It takes ambition and courage to participate in a competition like this and no matter what I’m really proud that we have such a great collection of young ladies participating.
Win or lose, it’s a wonderful opportunity.  Those of you who get to participate on the queen’s court will have a great time.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the competition and spending time with the court at the different events.

Have fun – and good luck to you all.

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