Queen’s Tea

Not as formal an event as some, the Queen’s Tea is the first of the Queen’s Pageant activities. While I’m sure it’s stressful for the participants, it is a more intimate setting than many for the Chairman. I’m really looking forward to speaking to the ladies and their parents. At least at this point, this […]

Kick Off Speech

Welcome to the 2010 Troy Strawberry Festival! I am excited to be the Chairman for this year’s festival.  I’m also humbled. I have worked in a variety of volunteer roles through the years, but nothing compares to this. Our community is incredibly fortunate to have this kind of event. All of us benefit – some […]

Official Chairman’s Photo

I’m not officially allowed to wear the red coat until after the Kick Off for this year’s event – but I did manage to grab it for the official photo shoot. ¬†Glen Eppleston did a great job with the committee chair photos this year. ¬†Unfortunately, you can’t do much with some subjects. I wish I […]