Brochure Letter

Each year the General Chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival is asked to help put together the brochure for the event. I am much more hands off than my predecessor, but I have written the Chairman’s greeting for the brochure. I think it’s pretty good – short and sweet.

For over 30 years the citizens of Troy and surrounding communities have gathered together to host the Troy Strawberry Festival. This year’s festival will be held Friday June 4th through the Sunday the 6th. As a long time volunteer in the community I’m thrilled to be a part of such a long standing tradition. Those of us responsible for hosting this event take great pride in putting on one of the largest and best attended festivals in the Midwest.

This year, our theme reflects the roots of the Strawberry Festival – Volunteers. Each visitor who purchases strawberry short cake, or strawberry shakes or our famous strawberry donuts is in fact helping a local volunteer organization better serve the citizens of our community. I invite you to come and enjoy yourselves knowing the organization serving you, will use the money earned to serve many others in the future.

On behalf of all of the Strawberry Festival volunteers, please join us in celebrating “Volunteers Changing the World”

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