2012 Chairman Announcement

Every year at this time we select the chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival two years out. This year’s selection process unfolded like previous years: The two previous, current and upcoming festival chairs convene with the festival manager and review many candidates. This year’s selection process was very challenging. We are blessed with many capable people on the committee – selecting a single individual from all of the potential chairs is challenging. Through a rigorous selection process, we made our choice and secured the approval of the Festival board.

Of course, this year’s selection faces a unique challenge. They will preside over the festival the year the Adams Street bridge is closed. That event played a part in our selection – we know the 2012 event will take a special energy level and ability to bring together a large number of people to accomplish a challenging goal. We feel we made a good choice.

The 2012 chairman has been involved with the festival, at least, six years in a variety of roles. They have chaired the Dance, led publicity, presided over the Berry Baby Contest and for the last two years headed up Friday Night Clubs and Orgs. Please join me in congratulating Corrie Schweser, the 2012 General Chairman.

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