GTD One Tool to Rule them All

I have settled on combination of tools that allow me to leverage the GTD
mindset across multiple tools and settings. It’s not the end all answer
and it is not free – but I’m really pleased with how well the approach
is integrated in to my life at this point.

Here is my toolset:
1. Outlook/Exchange at work. This is my master copy which drives all
other tools.
2. Outlook GTD plugin from David Allen’s company.
3. The paid version of Plaxo
4. Airset
5. The paid version of Yahoo Mail
6. Gmail
7. Jott
8. GrandCentral

I have a company issued laptop. It’s servicable and sufficient for my
work responsibilities. I try to adhere to the GTD proscription around
having one tool to manage tasks. Outlook/Exchange are standard issue
with my employer. They also explicitly prohibits the automated
forwarding of e-mails. For those two reasons it really makes sense
for me to use Outlook as my primary tool. Forwarding e-mails or
re-entering them in another on or off line tool just doesn’t make sense.

I have read the articles on how to use Outlook without embellishment as
a GTD tool. Early on I had decided to pay for the David Allen tool and
I have never regreted having done so. It provides such a great level of
flexibility and ease of use that I can’t imagine doing without. It’s
central to my process.

I have a personal life with activities and correspondence that are best
left off my work laptop. All tasks and appointments are stored there
but that’s as far as I can comfortably go. I have an ‘involved’
approach to managing e-mail that also complicates my use of tools.

I am not always online and I am not always using my company issued
laptop. In combination with my elaborate e-mail structure I need my
appointments, tasks and contacts available in other tools. Plaxo’s
synchronization is a godsend. With it I am able to replicate my
appointments, tasks and contacts to a variety of platforms. When I am
at home without my laptop, I am able to reference my by context tasks.

Airset is in some regards the fifth wheel in this environment. The
reason I use it is because it provides me with a way to share my
calendar with family and friends. I sync the Airset calendar on a
periodic basis so that my family knows where I am. You would expect
that Plaxo would provide this capability but to the best of my knowledge
I can’t share my Plaxo calendar without sharing an administrative

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