Fine Tuning Gone

As a result of the merger of XM and Sirius, the lineup of channels has been changed. I for one am confused by the changes – but that’s not my current source of pain. My current source of pain is the absence of my favorite channel – Fine Tuning.
I really enjoyed Fine Tuning. The channel’s ‘focus’ was on a eclectic selection of artists. Jazz, classics, progressive rock, new age were all fused together in to a very enjoyable collection.
The absence of the channel has not produced the outcry I would have expected – so maybe I’m an outlier on this subject.

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The TSF Site Needs Help

In 2010 I will be the chairman of the Troy Strawberry Festival. How I learned about that honor is a story for a different day. What I find interesting at this point is that there is so little ‘web presence’ for the event. Google Strawberry Festival. This is the SERP as of today:

What’s nice about this result is that Troy ranks higher then the Texas event. This despite the fact that the Troy event doesn’t even have the keywords in the domain name. And this is the SERP when you add the keyword Troy:

Clearly Troy helps. That’s not too surprising.
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