Rawalpindi Tragedy

Just had one of those moments when two apparently disconnected memes collide and touch at an emotional level.  First of all, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is described in poignant detail by John Moore on the New York Times website.  At the same time that I was listening to his recounting of the assassination, I was also listening to […]

Feed Reader Best Practices #1

I just dropped ComputerWorld’s SharkTank from my feed reader.  I’ve been cleaning up my subscriptions.  I have way more subscriptions then humanly possible to consume (and he’s not human – so don’t interrupt me).  When I started using Google’s reader I had imported my feeds from another tool that organized feeds differently.  I ended up […]

The Gael

Update: An anonymous friend has posted link to a live video of Dougie MacLean performing The Gael. In the interest of driving link karma his way I’ll add a link to a web site selling his CD The Searcher from 1991. My 17 year old daughter says “I don’t get it” watching the latest Nike […]