I haven’t figured this one out yet.  Yoomba is supposed allow you to call an e-mail address.  From what I can see it is a call out feature.  I have installed it on my home machine and with everything else running on it now – the machine has slowed significantly.  I will play with is some more and see if it is indeed the new software or an environmental issue.

That being said, the installation is very nice.  You enter an e-mail on the registration page.  Yoomba sends you an e-mail with a link.  After pressing the link it starts sending you an executable.  The executable automatically logged in to my Yahoo account (not sure I like that – but I guess since I was already logged in – no harm done) and imported my contact records.  It did the same (asking for my permission first) with my Outlook contacts.

The idea is that it adds a plugin to both Outlook and IE so that when recognizable e-mail messages are displayed, it inserts a set of controls so that you can call that person.  So far, that’s as far as I have gone with it.

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