I haven’t figured this one out yet.  Yoomba is supposed allow you to call an e-mail address.  From what I can see it is a call out feature.  I have installed it on my home machine and with everything else running on it now – the machine has slowed significantly.  I will play with is […]

Wii + iPhone = WiiPhone

Ok – just making a quick note here while I’m thinking of it.  Not that I have either of these fun gadgets – but wouldn’t be interesting to blend the control concepts inherit in the Wii controllers with the iPhone and how it interacts with the physical world.  And while we are at it, lets […]

Penny Black Stamps

I am losing heart with the battle with spam. Incredibly, almost 90% of internet traffic is composed of spam with the number expected to hit 99% in the next few years. Efforts by AOL and Yahoo to charge for e-mail delivery begins to look like the more attractive option.