I haven’t figured this one out yet.  Yoomba is supposed allow you to call an e-mail address.  From what I can see it is a call out feature.  I have installed it on my home machine and with everything else running on it now – the machine has slowed significantly.  I will play with is some more and see if it is indeed the new software or an environmental issue.

That being said, the installation is very nice.  You enter an e-mail on the registration page.  Yoomba sends you an e-mail with a link.  After pressing the link it starts sending you an executable.  The executable automatically logged in to my Yahoo account (not sure I like that – but I guess since I was already logged in – no harm done) and imported my contact records.  It did the same (asking for my permission first) with my Outlook contacts.

The idea is that it adds a plugin to both Outlook and IE so that when recognizable e-mail messages are displayed, it inserts a set of controls so that you can call that person.  So far, that’s as far as I have gone with it.

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Wii + iPhone = WiiPhone

Ok – just making a quick note here while I’m thinking of it.  Not that I have either of these fun gadgets – but wouldn’t be interesting to blend the control concepts inherit in the Wii controllers with the iPhone and how it interacts with the physical world.  And while we are at it, lets add IR to the phone so that we can spawn a new industry which leverages the ability of the WiiPhone (not what you think) to control the physical environment.  Pervasive computing indeed.

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun

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