GrandCentral Notes

GrandCentral appears to be hitting the big time with the recent news that Google will be acquiring the start up for approximately 50 to 75 million dollars.  I am a recent convert and would welcome the news (if true).  There are so many companies that could leverage GrandCentral that I’m surprised there isn’t more competition evident.  Google with it’s deep pockets would provide the time for the company to really polish the product.

I’ve started setting myself up with true and have identified a few ‘tips’ on its use.

  1. Personal greetings are cool and all but make certain you don’t assume that shared phones will be used by a single individual.  For instance, I have my wife in my contacts folder with our home phone.  Recording a personalized greeting for her contact would have meant that not only when calling from her cell phone, but also our home phone, would result in the personalized ‘wife’ greeting being used.  My kids wouldn’t mind I’m sure but it’s something to keep in mind.  I decided to remove the home phone from the contact so that only my wife’s cell phone would get the personalized greeting.
  2. The web call button is cool but you if you are concerned at all with maintaining some privacy, it’s important you don’t use a greeting which includes your Grand Central phone number or any other personal information.  You otherwise will be giving a lot of information to a large audience.
  3. One of the nice features about the web site is the ability to set different ring tones people hear while waiting for you to pick up the call.  Grand Central comes with several alternatives to the traditional “ring”.  If you are a hack like myself you want to try to set up different tones then the defaults.  The Freesound Project is a great source of different tones available.

Things I would like to see:

  1. The contacts would benefit from some Ajax goodness.  The quantity of fields available for each contact are great of course but the current user interface can be a little cumbersome and confusing.  I would like to see some effort invested in cleaning up this interface.
  2. Custom groups!
  3. Skype support…
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