GrandCentral Notes

GrandCentral appears to be hitting the big time with the recent news that Google will be acquiring the start up for approximately 50 to 75 million dollars.  I am a recent convert and would welcome the news (if true).  There are so many companies that could leverage GrandCentral that I’m surprised there isn’t more competition evident.  Google with […]

Passport Ordeal

I received a call from a local resident asking about my ordeal getting a passport for Matt.  Apparently, my wife has shared how we were able to work through the process to get the passport with a several people.  Word has gotten out and now I’m a ‘resource’. The biggest problem is that the bureaucracy […]

Matt to Italy

Becky just called me with the news that Matt had boarded the flight to Milan.  The Loerke clan had some passport issues but those apparently were resolved since everyone was able to board the flight. Becky also passed along that the flight had been delayed 30 minutes.  Apparently, the airport in Milan – Linate – […]

Irrelevant Jyte

I’ve enjoyed Jyte for several a while now – maybe two months. It’s gone from mostly entertaining and somewhat thought provoking to a sad place in that period. At its best it has generated some good discussion and some pithy (and I use that word with some reservation) commentaries. A handful of people have started […]


I have not tried the service, so unlike some of my other links here, I can not provide any assurance regarding the service.  That being said, I really like the idea of the Numbr service.  The idea is a simple one, you sign up for a temporary phone number.  If you do nothing the number […]

QotD: Senseless Saying

What’s a saying or phrase that’s never made sense to you? “It is what it is” – not only does it not make sense, I can’t stop myself from saying it.  It is a meaningless expression when you want to acknowledge that you have no way of influencing the way things are – so I […]