This photo may never displace the photo from the Tianamen Square uprising – but it should be considered in the same powerful way. Individuals make a difference. Stand up for what you believe in. Originally posted on

Strange Little Songs

What are the weirdest song titles in your playlist or music collection? Submitted by Charline. I haven’t taken a look at the other posts for this question – but I’m guessing I have one of the more uncommon set of songs on my player.  Where I have a full album from one of the artists I’ve […]

Openid Capabilities

My selection criteria for “Openid Service Providers”: Needs: Reliability:  As noted previously, an offline service provider is not one. Multiple Profile/Role:  I serve multiple roles online and having to maintain multiple separate identities is troublesome.  I would prefer to maintain one identity with multiple views. (Verisign) Delegate:  Being able to set up a web site […]

Lost Identity

I ran in to an interesting problem this morning.  I sat down to compose a message about Openid and a review of the different identify servers.  When I tried to sign on to look at some of the different identify servers I discovered that was ‘not available’. Because I am an addict to all […]

Patents and Consumer Choice

Verizon recently won a patent lawsuit against Vonage. The common wisdom in the industry is that it will have a chilling effect on the VOIP market. Again, companies should be rewarded for their patents – but patent law has not advanced with technology. Patent law is not being used to protect patent holders – it […]