Dysfunctional Mailbox

I have had so many people make the following claim to me that I now wonder whether I’m the victim of a mass lie. It is funny though that he would manufacture a lie to cover his own disfunction. Even better is that he now is being quoted on the web as having lied to all of his family, freinds and acquaintances.

A few months ago, Scott Stratten was suffering from what he terms “inbox paralysis.” A marketing consultant in Oakville, Ontario, he had 500 old messages in his inbox, all needing responses. “I felt so guilty, I couldn’t even bring myself to open my email,” he says.

In desperation, he decided to delete all his messages. He then sent an email blast to 400 people on his contact list, telling them a lie. He made up a story that his Internet service provider had informed him that some emails weren’t getting through, and that was why friends and clients never heard back from him. “People were very empathetic,” he says, “and it allowed me to start fresh.”

An article by by Jeffrey Zaslow of the Wall Street Journal (reprinted here in the Northwest Florida Daily News).

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