Cubicles and Dilbert

I work in a cubicle. It’s a cubicle designed for six and there are only two of us in it – but it’s a cubicle. A decade ago I was part of a team which selected the current model. We traveled up to Steel Case’s office showroom in Michigan and checked out the options. I drank the Kool Aid – came back a zealot for modern office designs. Imagine my angst when I discovered no one else had any interest in cubicle-ville.

Of course, my disappointment can’t come close to equalling that of the inventor of the modern cubicle. How ironic that he thought he was making things better for the American worker. Then, heaping sarcasm on top of irony – we have the Dilbert Cubicle.

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  1. I recently heard 2 people in an elevator conversing about their corporate workplace. They said they had been given instructions on cubicle etiquette, which included not acknowledging when a person sneezed in another cubicle, because you are supposed to pretend that there is privacy and you could not hear such things.

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