KinderStart Accuses Google of Abuse

More evidence that Google is displacing Microsoft as the evil empire. Computerworld is reporting that Inc. has filed a class action lawsuit in California alleging that Google: …violating its right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution, violating Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act by using a monopoly position to harm competitors, engaging […]

I Triple E and GTD

The IEEE Spectrum magazine has an interview the Getting Things Done creator David Allen. It’s not as good as the American Way article but it does provide some interesting insights. The interesting quote from this article is: Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

American Way and GTD

The American Way Magazine has a great article on Getting Things Done. If you know someone you thing would benefit from using GTD but haven’t been able to make your point – this article will probably win them over. It very succinctly describes the benefits of the process. One interesting quote from the article which […]

Court Ducks, Google Triumphs

The Google Blog has the latest news regarding their legal dispute with the government. Google has successfully limited the scope of this specific request. The federal government is monolithic and moves at a ponderous pace. The legal decision appears to have hinged on the governments failure to describe the value of the information and why […]

Correlation Patents

Patent Office in Violation of Patent – That’s the headline I want read some day. Michael Crichton (yea – that one) has written a New York Times Op-Ed piece on a the use of correlation patents in the biomedical industry. Anyone who thinks the patent office and associated industries isn’t ripe for an oversight body […]

Outsourcing Original Content

I’m not certain how long it will stay available to the unsubscribed, but there’s a hugely humorous post by Lee Gomes on the Wall Street Journal on web content. Update: I neglected to explain the major theme of the post in my original discussion here – web masters are paying pennies to individuals on shore […]