Eminent Domain

On my drive home this evening I listened to the Sean Hannity radio program. He was interviewing a set of residents of Niagra, New York. They are contesting the state as it evicts them from their home. The state is invoking eminent domain. It is supporting the local Indian tribe as it seeks to build on its local casino. Approximately 50 acres are targeted.

The Indians have no right of eminent domain, so they have enlisted the assistance of the state to evict local residence who stand in the way of their plans. Due process, as the residents to be evicted describe it, is constituted of a single letter in 2003 notifying them of the Seneca Indian’s intentions. No other subsequent communication has been attempted.

The state and local municipality split 25% of the casino’s slot revenue. What’s disturbing to me is that unless you live in the region – this has not been newsworthy until today.

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