Principles Collide provides readers with the ability to review books. What happens when the community reviewing a book despises the author? Where does freedom of speech end and harassment start?

Jack Thompson has made a name for himself pursuing what he sees as purveyors of smut. His new book Out of Harms Way is being absolutely roasted on Amazon. Is Jack a victim? If his book was worth the read I’m certain someone would step forward and write positive reviews. I’m seeing one positive review for every 10 negative ones.

He’s probably had his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, Jack somehow is attempting to hold Amazon responsible for not enforcing their terms of service. My advice to Amazon would be to pull the listing and not sell Jack’s book. I doubt the company would miss much revenue.

As a side note, the Jack Thompson critics probably cross the line when they put tags on his book pointing to unsavory terms. It’s like buying advertising for the book on xxx sites.

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