Lisa and Mark’s Wedding Photo Album

Well, the wedding pictures have been posted. I apologize for the delay but I have two excuses. First of all, you all are close to being as bad at photography as I – and the cleanup process was a project. Secondly, while I like Photoshop, I’m still pretty low on the learning curve. This was a learning experience. But enough about me. Follow the link and check out the gallery. If you have other pictures you would like to see added send them to me – I will be happy to include them. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Greg and Dan – at least not directly. If you look closely you can see Greg in the background in one of the pictures of Mark and Lisa. I am also disappointed to not have pictures of James, Stephanie, Dad, Carol and Mike. I’ll work on that and publish an update if possible. I also have a few more pictures which are too challenging for my ‘fixing’ abilities yet. I’ll leave those for another day.

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