New House / New Blog

I’ve put pictures of Mother’s new house up on the web. Like everything else this is a bit of an experiment. The blog software I use for this site is MovableType. I would guess that it is the most popular self hosted blog software available. I have been very pleased with it. The feature set is better then any other package or service I have found.

Unfortunately, the underlying technology does not always play well with the web hosting environment I have. MovableType is a LAMP kind of product and I’m running in a Windows server environment. File management especially regarding the photo gallery has been a continuing struggle.

So I have installed a .net based blog package called .Text. It is no where near as mature a product. I won’t go in to a critique in this posting. One thing it does well though is upload pictures to a photo gallery. The link above steps out of the MovableType News From Troy blog and in to the .Text News From Troy blog. The new blog will remain empty for now except for pictures. If and when I decide that the new version is worth using full time I’ll move everything here over to the new version.

The jury is still out.

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