Portland Trip

My Grandmother’s 90th birthday was on January 1st, 2004. Since most of us don’t get to see that milestone, Mother organized a ‘surprise’ birthday party. By the time I arrived it wasn’t much of a surprise – I won’t go in to my flights to and from Portland (I hate O’hara airport). Mark, Lisa, Tom, Mother and I flew in to Portland to help her celebrate her birthday with her friends. I’ve put up a photo gallery for the event available here.

Unfortunately, I am still not the photographer many of my relatives are. I discarded as many as I took. For a variety of technical reasons, I have been unable to get the better pictures taken by Mother transferred to my PC and then on to the web. Mother, when you get a chance it would be helpful to get those pictures on CD and mailed to me. I’ll put them in the gallery. If anyone else has pictures they would like included please let me know.

The trip was a success. I think the residents greatly enjoyed the party. Most importantly Al and Adalene looked like they enjoyed the party.