My Next Car

I’ll confess – I’m a little envious of everyone driving the Hummers around these days. I want a vehicle which looks down into every other car and truck on the road (but not drive a semi). So I was thrilled today to find out that the Army has another future consumer ready vehicle in the […]

URL Spoofing

Pardon the post title. This falls into the category of technically obscure, but I ran across a handy tool and wanted to make you all aware of it. First of all some background. Internet Explorer is the browser most of us use to browse the internet. I’m not a big fan of the browser, but […]

New House / New Blog

I’ve put pictures of Mother’s new house up on the web. Like everything else this is a bit of an experiment. The blog software I use for this site is MovableType. I would guess that it is the most popular self hosted blog software available. I have been very pleased with it. The feature set is better […]

Portland Trip

My Grandmother’s 90th birthday was on January 1st, 2004. Since most of us don’t get to see that milestone, Mother organized a ‘surprise’ birthday party. By the time I arrived, it wasn’t much of a surprise – I won’t go into my flights to and from Portland (I hate O’Hara airport). Mark, Lisa, Tom, Mother […]

Online Political Parody

I was just rumbling around and ran across the “official” White House web site. I’ve got to admit, it looked real long enough that I had several moments of disbelief that the White House would publish this kind of thing. If Rush is your hero don’t go here. The establishment is definitely the target here. If you can appreciate […]