Ok, I’m good to go. I have installed my Christmas gift from Mother. The webcam is up and operational. For a monthly rate of just $5 (US) you can watch me parade around my house (just kidding). No, seriously though, it was pretty easy to install. I have a USB port available. Per the instructions, I put the installation CD in, followed the instructions and then plugged the camera into the USB slot. The only wrinkle is that the installation warns you about the device drivers as you are installing them. For whatever reason, they are not identified as XP certified. The instructions tell you to acknowledge the warning and continue. I was a little hesitant to do that at first since I had only recently recovered from a driver issue. After some consideration, I took the plunge.

The camera takes still shots (as you can see). Don’t judge the quality of the camera based on this shot though. Most everything on it is adjustable. My grey shirt and neutral colored background don’t show the camera off well. The video feed is pretty good. You can adjust the size of the shot but the bigger the picture, the slower the refresh rate. With some experimentation, I’ve settled on an intermediate size.

So I’m left with the last piece of work. I will need to set up a teleconference with someone. Who wants to go first?

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