Bookmarks Research is the highest bookmark resource from Google. I signed up with djpappas userid and the low priority password. A free resource according to the web site – ad supported I hope.

doesn’t quite fit the bill but it does list sites which have defined themselves within a broader classification scheme. I’m betting it would be interesting to Mother. Don’t see DMOZ though…

Another approach would be to use a News aggregator – even on sites which don’t provide news feeds. That way, those sites which do would provide news items and those which don’t would simply have an entry you could follow by clicking on the link. FeedDemon would work OK.

Blogger is a simple blogging tool that has a very low entry cost in terms of ease of use. Setting up a personal blog with a simple list of links would be good. Getting every entry listed and having a search feature are two aspects I’m not certain of right now.

The Blog Rolling approach would be an option for the more technically inclined but I can’t imagine that working for a Junior High/High School audience.

This might be the best option available so far – Yahoo Bookmarks. Free with a Yahoo subscription it has the same kind of features that the Bookmark entry above has – but it provides room for comments which I’m guessing you could use to classify entries.

This commercial site, Bookmark Management, has some of the same features as the first entry but will require some more investigation. Since it’s a paid service it may not work for school children.



The mother load: the Google (DMOZ) category with all of the sites in this category or subject area: Google’s Bookmark links. Gulp, there are 20 of them.

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