Something for Mother

Most everything I post in this blog is intended to get my feet wet with a technology. I have more pet projects  then is probably reasonable. I don’t very often have the chance to go dig around and get information which is actually valuable. Mother and I have been exchanging some E-mail messages around information technology. She recently sent me this fascinating article from InfoToday. It’s an interesting site encompassing several topics including Knowledge Management, Information Services and Libraries (or how these other disciplines can be applied within). They even have their own multi-author blog, so they can’t be all bad.

I’ve been using FeedDemon as my news aggregator ( I highly recommend it). Out of the box it comes with a large collection of RSS feeds. One of those is the Shifted Librarian. It’s a Radio Userland weblog with a beautiful Bryan Bell theme. Just as an aside, Radio Userland’s web sites are more challenging to style effectively then some other weblogging tools but Bryan Bell has produced some outstanding designs for that (and other) tool set. This design is not canned and was obviously commissioned specifically for the site. This is more then someone’s casual weblog. They have spent time and money putting it together. Anyway, Jenny Levine is the author. Her bio appears on the Library Journal web site. I haven’t had the chance to dig deep but it’s got lots of links to a variety of sources. Frankly, I was very surprised that so many online resources existed for Library Science. Of course, I’m pretty ignorant of the subject area. Anyway, I ‘m going to spend some time wondering through her site and following some of the links. I think it would be a great place for ideas.

Jenny has a blogroll (a list of web sites she frequents). It’s a good collection. It includes the usual blogging and Radio Userland sites such as Boing Boing BlogChris Pirillo’s web site and a variety of others. But more valuable are the Library Science feeds she has identified including The Exploded LibraryConfessions of a Mad LibrarianFree Range LibrarianTame the Web: Technology and LibrariesLibrary Planet and others (more then is reasonable to list here). It’s amazing. I personally like the Library Planet the best – it’s really cool the way they have the links set up on the page (the geek in me speeks).

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