Christmas 2003

Merry Christmas everyone. Indulge me as I put up some shots from one of our Christmas celebrations this season. (My standard disclaimer bears repeating – I promise I will misspell everyone’s name eventually. If I do so repeatedly, that means I need to be corrected. Otherwise, consider yourself lucky.) Our collective circumstances resulted in an […]


Ok, I’m good to go. I have installed my Christmas gift from Mother. The webcam is up and operational. For a monthly rate of just $5 (US) you can watch me parade around my house (just kidding). No, seriously though, it was pretty easy to install. I have a USB port available. Per the instructions, […]

Something for Mother

Most everything I post in this blog is intended to get my feet wet with a technology. I have more pet projects  then is probably reasonable. I don’t very often have the chance to go dig around and get information which is actually valuable. Mother and I have been exchanging some E-mail messages around information […]