All of us enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. Our celebration spanned several days. We got the chance to visit with many of our relatives. We ate very well – too well it seems. We had enough time to rest and relax before going back to work on Monday.

Mike, Phyllis, Matt and Becky at the table

Thanksgiving itself was very nice. We drove down to Beavercreek and celebrated with Dad. Mike, Alex, Ian, Louise and Phyllis (forgive my spelling everyone) were able to make it to Dad and Carole’s. We were disappointed that Nole, Mary and Carole’s Mom were unable to attend. Nole had a cold; Mary was also not feeling well and most significantly, Carole’s Mom is in the hospital. Our prayers are with her and hope that the doctors can treat her foot without her losing it.

Michelle and Alex enjoyed each other’s company. What they talked about and what they did were a mystery to me, but Michelle seemed to enjoy herself greatly. It’s special the way the cousins (the girls especially) can get together and enjoy each other’s company and not appear to miss a beat. Matt and Ian are different enough in age that they don’t spend as much time together. Matt enjoyed himself, though. I hope Ian did as well.


I was amazed at Ian’s knowledge of astronomy. He has steeped himself in the subject. We spent time talking about a variety of astronomy topics, and I’m sure most of it went over my head. It’s good to see him get interested in a subject with that kind of passion. He loves it. The next day (Friday) Mother arrived at about 3:30 or 4:00. Becky had prepared a nice dinner of pork in the crock pot. It was great. Mother and Michelle spent the night at Mother’s hotel and went to the Fairfield Mall the following day. Mother wanted to get Christmas and birthday gifts for Michelle. I think the birthday part was taken care of. I’m not certain about the Christmas gifts.


I spent time with Mother trying to help her address some technical issues she was having with the class she is teaching at EKU. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help – although I did eliminate some potential solutions, so I guess I was of some help. I’m guessing that the technical support staff at EKU is going to need to get up to speed on some subjects.

Sunday morning Mother came over, and we spent some time putting together video footage for Great Grandma’s 90th birthday party. I sat on the couch with Matt and Michelle and beat comments out of them. It’s hard to get teenagers (and yes we have two now) to talk about themselves – so the little we got will have to do.

All told it was an enjoyable holiday. The food was good and the company better.

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