Achilles Tendon

Well I’m afraid I might have a serious injury on my hands. I played soccer down in Cincinnatti over the weekend and I’m feeling the effects at this point. On two different occasions I was brought down pretty hard. I thought at the time that the more serious problem was my lower thigh. It hurt pretty bad on Sunday and Monday but at this point it’s not much of an issue. No, the second injury is what I’m feeling now. I was kicked in the ankle during the game and I’m afraid it’s not going to get better without a little medical attention. It hurts when I move the foot but it hurts on the outside of the heel – way down. I also have some swelling there which is painful to the touch.
I don’t want to go to the doctors office – wah!!!

Well it took a while but on November 24th I went in to see Dr. Bartnick. He looked it over and decided to have it x-ray’d. He didn’t think it was broken and gave me some muscle relaxants he thought would help with the affected tendons and ligaments. Because of the holiday the doctors’ office was not open until the following Monday. The x-rays didn’t show any breaks or fractures. They have diagnosed bursitis which is basically a bruised padding (bursa). Rest and anti-inflamatories are the recommded treatments.

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