Park Your Car In Harvard Yard

I’m confident this will be one of my longer entries. I’m taking the time to relax and browse around the web and found some really fun stuff posted on a web log. The genealogy on this piece of information isn’t going to be complete – it’s not that important how I got there. is an entertaining site. I haven’t had the time to poke around in it thoroughly but the tone is light and the content varied. I expect I’m going to spend more time there. The site has been around for a long time and has a good deal of content. He has a site of the week – a great idea – referencing an offbeat study. That started me on this tangent.

When Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol lived on the east coast we used to have fun mimicking the dialect of everyone. We weren’t very good at it but it was entertaining. It’s hard to spell but the title above – Park your car in Harvard Yard – was one of many words and expressions we tossed around. At the other extreme is the deep south. We took a trip to Florida one year to visit friends and stopped several times along the way. One of my favorite memories is of trying to order food at a drive up window. The speaker was poor and the dialect and accent of the person at the other end challenging to comprehend. We had fun with it and did get our food but it illustrates how big the differences can be even when traveling only a few hundred miles.

Pop v. Soda is the site title and it covers the classic question – What label do you use when ordering a carbonated beverage. I say coke – abusing the trademarked name and providing even more evidence that I am a victim of the pop culture. I watched too much TV – and too many commercials as a child. But I have company. Sadly, people who use the word Coke constitute less then 19% of the respondents. I believe there was a flaw in the study but I’ll have to leave that for now. If you look at the graphical pictures you can see that the Coca Cola company at one point did a great job with there marketing in the south. You can almost visualize the tentacles spreading out from Atlanta. Now why someone raised in Ohio would get so well indoctrinated is a mystery to me.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. I followed the links referenced above to an even more interesting if not more serious site from Harvard University which provides a broader study. Someone took the time to conduct an on line survey of dialect and accents. How do you pronounce CrayonCaramel? How do you refer to your paternal grandfather (and as you might expect I’m nowhere on this survey question? There are a bunch of them and worth reviewing.

The D.A.R.E. promotes a print based dictionary. Unfortunately I did not see where the information is available on line. It looks as though there is a very large volume of material published here.

Let the Record Show


Let the record show that for Becky’s birthday; I did have the foresight to purchase flowers for her. Yes, I did receive daily reminders. Yes, this is the easiest form of gift giving known to man (or at least this one.) They did look good, though. I purchased a spray of flowers with brighter colors rather than the traditional roses because I thought these were brighter and added more color. I know this only helps for this year, but it’s nice to get one behind me.

Michelle’s Vogue Look

The sun is in her eyes, so she’s squinting, but I like this picture. Michelle never, ever wants her picture taken, so this is always a challenge. But the color of her shirt and skin complement each other well. I also like the soft background contrasting with the detail in her face. This is the sort of picture that’s hard to take with a digital camera. The photo was captured on film rather than a chip, and I think it makes a difference. It’s not as prevalent now, but you can see the highlights in her hair from her being out in the sun. I would guess that she cleaned up for this picture since usually her hair isn’t this well restrained.

Head Ball Against the Dublin Goalie

This is another picture from the Dublin game. Matt is trying to flick a long service towards the goal. The ball didn’t make it in the goal, but it was a good effort nevertheless. Alex Lowe (no. 8) is looking to receive the ball from Matt. You’ll notice everyone on the other team looks rather imposing. The goalie dwarfed most of the fans. Dublin’s JV team is large, and it shows in this picture, although neither Alex nor Matt are going to be invited to play football soon.

This is the extended entry associated with this post. Not much here – only enough to support the experiment.

Matt Showing for the Ball

We really enjoyed attending Matt’s games this fall. He played JV for Troy High School and although he probably didn’t get all of the playing time he would have liked we were very proud of him. Brad Noll, a sophomore and big brother to Michelle’s friend Amy is also pictured here. This was the final game the THS JV Soccer team played in 2003. It was against the Dublin team out of Columbus. The Troy team lost, but they played an excellent game – easily the best-played game of the season. They moved the ball very nicely around the field and had lots of opportunities to score. The Dublin team was skilled, but they just didn’t try as hard as the Troy team did. We enjoyed the game as well as the season.

Friends Made Along the Way

One of the great things that happened this summer was that the Troy and Sidney girls under 13 teams had a chance to play together. It’s nice to see friendships form on the field. It’s really what it is supposed to be all about. One of the girls Michelle struck up a good relationship with is Molly (pictured here). Molly is one of two girls from the Sidney team we had guest play for us at the Strawberry Festival. She’s a great goalie but more importantly a good kid. Michelle and Molly got along really well. Although Michelle is very resistant to the idea, we have registered her to participate in the ODP program this coming season. Molly is the under 14 state goalie so hopefully Michelle will at least get to spend time with Molly for a few sessions.